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 A Better Way

About God, His Word, and How To Live For Him

Keys To Success

Two Books in One:
Who Am I /Where Am I Going
And Jesus My Best Friend

What Is Wrong? What Is Right?

A Guide To Obedience

A Three Book Volume:
Salvation That Sticks
Holy Ghost Baptism
Such Were Some of You

Go And Possess Your Land

God's Table

Hearing the Master's Voice

How Can I Be Save


Know What You Believe

Made New

My People Which Are Called By My Name


 Releasing the Presence of God

The Curse and the Promises

The Enemies Camp

The Joy of Being Nothing

The Power of Calvary

There Is Hope

Walking in Healing

Walking in the Spirit

You Are Beloved and 
Longed For

Water That Doesn't Run

Your Authority As a 
Child of God

Let All God's People Praise
the Lord

Holes In Your Armor

Common Sense Bible Based Guide For Christian Schools


About the Books
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HOW CAN YOU BE SAVED:  I dedicate this book to everyone who has asked what does it mean to be saved. To everyone who has asked the question, "How can I be saved?" To everyone who has doubted whether or not they were saved. To everyone who wanted to be saved, but thought they couldn’t do it, so they never have. To everyone who has just gotten saved and isn’t sure what all that means. Even to those who have been saved who are forgetting what that means.  This book is for you.



SALVATION THAT STICKS:  This book discusses how to find and lead others into a             salvation experience that will last in spite of the storms.

BAPTISM OF THE HOLY GHOST: Guides you to finding the experience the Bible refers to as being the filling of the Spirit, a necessary experience to be able to find victory and boldness in today’s world.

 SUCH WERE SOME OF YOU:  Encourages you in finding deliverance from the past as you grow in the Lord.  

 GO AND POSESS YOUR LAND: This book encourages your faith as you go forth in the ministry that the Lord has chosen you for.

THE CURSE AND THE PROMISES:  A book that will help you to discover how to overcome the curses that come against you such as spiritual oppression, sickness, generational curses, fear, and more.  Also, will help to guide you in counseling others to overcome.

WATER THAT DOESN’T RUN: This book guides in understanding the importance of a service filled life for both individuals and churches. 

BUT GOD….A GUIDE TO OBEDIENCE: A great book for anyone who is considering stepping into any kind of calling.  It deals with some of the excuses we find not to step out in obedience to God, and helps us to overcome them. 

RELEASING THE PRESENCE OF GOD IN YOUR LIFE AND IN YOUR CHURCH:  Written for both individuals and those who minister.  Steps to take to release the power of God’s Spirit in your life, in your ministry, and in your church. 

WALKING IN THE SPIRIT:  A guide to walking in the Spirit.  Begins with explaining what this means, and how we can overcome the flesh to be able to walk in the Spirit. Leads into a victorious power filled, Holy Spirit led life.

WALKING IN HEALING:  A must read book for anyone who is seeking a healing, or anyone who ministers to the sick. 

YOUR AUTHORITY AS A CHILD OF GOD:  This book describes the battle that we have with “the unseen”.  It explains our authority over satan as children of God. 

REDEEMED:  Explains the concept of being redeemed.  You can rejoice as, through these pages, you find all the numerous things that we have been redeemed from as children of God.  Guides those who read it into a victorious life.

I AM:  Discusses how we can know God in His fullness as the “Great I AM” and how we can learn our identity in Him so that we too can declare “ I Am”.  Through its pages you can say, “I know who I am and I know Whom I have believed

THE JOY OF BEING NOTHING:  How we can, through submission and commitment, allow Christ to be all in all within us.  Teaches the concept that when we are broken and submitted before Him, He can rise up within us, and through Him we can not only overcome, but we can also do all things through Christ Who is within us.

THE ENEMIES’ CAMP: A powerful book that discusses our victory in time of battle.  Visit the enemy’s camps in the scripture.  Find their encouragement and strength to face your own. 

THE POWER OF CALVARY:  A power-packed, victory-filled book that discusses the power of Calvary. 

GOD’S TABLE:  A powerful book which encourages all to renew their first love, their commitment to the ministry, and to the people they minister to.  Will strengthen, empower, and renew you.   

THERE IS HOPE:  Discusses how to be encouraged in these last days, and how to encourage others.

MADE NEW:  Learn how you can be made new every day in Christ. You can truly be a new creation in Him.

MY PEOPLE WHICH ARE CALLED BY MY NAME:  If you are newly saved, or if you have been a Christian for years, you may not realize who you are in Christ. You belong to God who created the heavens and the earth. When you realize who you are in Him, this knowledge will change your life.

HEARING THE MASTER’S VOICE: Whether you are a pastor, evangelist, missionary, teacher, or whether you sit on the pews, a key to unlocking victory in your life and in the lives of those you love is learning to listen to the voice of the Master. In today’s world, if we don’t hear and obey, we won’t be able to overcome the storms that lay ahead.

YOU ARE BELOVED AND LONGED FOR:  This book will help you realize that you are Beloved and Longed For. Knowing this will change your life and your relationship with God and with others. This truth of God's love for you will open your heart and mind to receive healing and deliverance, and set you free from depression, fear, and loneliness. It will make you able to serve Him in a capacity you never could before, you will be able to do great things for Him.

KNOW WHAT YOU BELIEVE:  If there has ever been a time when people need to know what they believe and act on it, that time is now. The only way that we can make it through is to know that we know that we know what we believe.


ABOUT GOD, HIS WORD, AND HOW TO LIVE FOR HIM:  Written by a group of students, with their teachers.  The book is filled with questions young people have with the answers.

A BETTER WAY:  Sometimes life is like a trip. God gives us a map to follow with our lives. He sets things up to help us as we go along. We will talk about to find a direction for your life. There is a Better Way. I hope that this book guides you to finding that Better Way for you.

 KEYS TO SUCCESS:  Keys to Success is a job training and counseling book for teenagers. It covers job training and career counseling from a Christian/Biblical perspective. It defines what success is, and discusses: how to find your talents and gifts in order to find your career, how to find the career that is right for you, how to find a job, how to get a job, and how to keep a job.

 WHAT IS WRONG? WHAT IS RIGHT?:  Today it is hard for young people to realize that there is a definite wrong and a definite right. This book is about how to tell the difference and because of this have a happy, successful, peaceful life.




This volume contains two books. These are a must read for young people. They discuss topics such as:  How do I find my identity in God? How do I find a personal relationship with God? How do I find His help to be a better person? How do I find God's guidance for my future? How can I make heaven my home? How can I get rid of fear? If you have these questions, you'll find the answers to these and to many more questions in these pages as you are guided through God's Word.




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